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  • Owned by Greg and Christine Mindel since 2012 there is a good chance anyone enjoying a Pastry inside one of San Franciscos top Coffee Shops over the l…


Neighbor Bakehouse is open for Bakery. Neighbor Bakehouse serves Sandwich and Desserts dishes. Incorrect or missing information? Make a report, or claim the restaurant if you own it!



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1 reviews
  • Michael U.

    Owned by Greg and Christine Mindel since 2012 there is a good chance anyone enjoying a Pastry inside one of San Franciscos top Coffee Shops over the last decade has tasted something from Neighbor Bakehouse, prior wholesale to the likes of Four Barrel and Sightglass eventually yielding a brick-and-mortar storefront early 2015 in the Dogpatch.Formally trained prior to years as a baking instructor, gigs at places such as Tartine benefitting both Mindel and the goods themselves, it is from a distance that Neighbor Bakehouse can be identified from Wednesday through Sunday, a line snaking out the door even with rain and guests almost universally emerging from the standing-room-only space with sizable boxes in their hands and smiles on their faces.Occupying 2343 Third Street, the surrounding buildings largely residential but short-term parking plentiful, it is after queuing that guests will be tempted by nearly three-dozen options ranging from Pizette to Viennesoire, prices competitive with other artisan bakeshops like Mr. Holmes while service is expedient yet pleasant.Known for several signatures, and utilizing most of Neigbor Bakehouses space for production rather than seating, it was targeting diversity that seven items in total were requested, inclement weather necessitating a twenty minute drive across town before clouds would clear so that items beginning with a Muffin-sized Financier with good density and restrained sweetness could be tasted.Open at 6:30am but continuing to bake past 8:00am, the possibility of finding something still-warm a welcome surprise, it was taking advantage of good fortune that two additional Fruit and Nut combinations followed, the Pistachio Blackberry Twice-baked Croissant marvelously constructed with shattering Shell overlying buttery layers thinly spread with Jam while a Raspberry Hazelnut version performed even more admirably thanks to whole Nuts on top plus toasty notes inside that play well off seeded Preserves.Sticking to no script but their own, Pumpkin Spice season long gone but a slice of Brioche slathered in Puree mixed with Frangipane stunning in its subtlety, those seeking Mindels best use of technique should not pass on a Ginger Pull-apart which eats like laminated Monkey Bread with lots of spice, and although the cleverly named Doughp (pronounced dope) Bun gets a lot of press it is actually Neighbors Oat Coconut Pecan Chocolate Cookie that showed better as a result of being well balanced despite so much going on and still managing to be crisp around the edges but soft in the center despite so many moist ingredients.

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2343 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

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