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Town's End Restaurant & Bakery is open for Casual Dining and Bakery. Town's End Restaurant & Bakery serves California and Bakery dishes. Incorrect or missing information? Make a report, or claim the restaurant if you own it!


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5 Reviews on “Town’s End Restaurant & Bakery”

5 reviews
  • Kurt

    Delicious!. Outstanding, moist scrambled eggs with salmon and caramelized onions! Rivaled some of the best I’ve had in delis/diners back East.

  • Deanna

    Eggs Benedict were really good! Double orange mimosa was fresh & delicious. It was packed and LOUD.

  • Monauralec

    Very solid breakfast fare. Mini muffins and scones are bite-sized bliss.

  • Jaime

    We went this past Saturday for brunch. The food wad great, but the waiter was not very friendly. It wasn’t that busy. I think this particular waiter was just a little snooty. The complimentary basket of mini scones/muffin was delicious. I will definitely return (and get a different waiter)!

  • Diapason63

    Disappointing – dull – over-rated. I can’t say much good about this restaurant. Very crowdedinterior. Food quite ordinary. The ravioli was the strangestravioli I’ve ever had. Almost nothing inside the pasta.I can’t recommend this. Don’t go out of your way toeat here.

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(415) 512-0749 (415) 512-0749


2 Townsend Street, CA 94107

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