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  1. Foodporn strives to provide You with the most personalised and responsive Foodporn Services. To do this, We need to remember and store information about how You use the Foodporn Website. Foodporn does this by using small text files called 'cookies'. This Cookie Policy tells You a little bit about what cookies are and how they work, the cookies that We use, and how You can control and manage Your cookies.
  2. In this Cookie Policy, some terms appear capitalised and bold (so, they appear Like This). A list of each term, and its meaning, is as follows:
    1. Separate Legal Entity means an individual who is an authorised representative of a Separate Legal Entity.
    2. Cookie Policy means this policy.
    3. Foodporn means: The Foodporn Group Pty Ltd (ACN 630 396 806) and its Related Bodies Corporate and Related Entities;
    4. Foodporn Privacy Policy means the privacy policy that can be accessed here.
    5. Foodporn Services means the services concerning the advertisement and review of food and drink establishments, and of any related products and services, provided on the Foodporn Website.
    6. Foodporn Website means:
      1. the website that You can access on Your desktop computer, mobile or tablet device by clicking here;
      2. the IOS application entitled 'Foodporn' that You can access here; and
      3. the android application entitled 'Foodporn' that You can access here.
    7. Including means including without limitation.
    8. Related Body Corporate has the meaning given to it in section50 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
    9. Related Entity has the meaning given to it in section50 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
    10. Separate Legal Entity means a legal entity that has an identity that is separate from the actual user ( Including a company or trust).
    11. You means:
      1. any individual who accesses the Foodporn Website;
      2. any individual who uses any of the Foodporn Services; and
      3. a Separate Legal Entity on behalf of whom a Separate Legal Entity accesses the Foodporn Website, or uses any of the Foodporn Services.
  3. Where a word or phrase is defined, its other forms have a corresponding meaning. So, for example, We, Us and Our all refer to Foodporn.
  4. If You use the Foodporn Website, You confirm to Us that You have read and understood this Cookie Policy.
    1. If You find this Cookie Policy unclear in any way, You should contact Us..
    2. If You are still unclear about something after contacting Us, You should consider getting some legal advice.

What are Cookies and How do They Work?

  1. What are cookies?
    1. Cookies are small text files that automatically collect technical data about Your equipment, browsing actions and patterns.
  2. How do they work?
    1. When You first visit the Foodporn Website, a server for the website downloads cookies to Your computer or other device.
    2. Then, each time You visit the Foodporn Website, Your web browser will send these cookies back to Our server, so that We can recognise You and remember information about You (Including Your preferences).
    3. For more information about what cookies are and how they work, see

You Consent to Us using Cookies

  1. When We may use cookies
    1. Whenever You use the Foodporn Website, We may collect information about You using cookies.
  2. To what do You consent?
    1. By accessing or using the Foodporn Website and the Foodporn Services, You agree that Foodporn may, in line with this Cookie Policy :
      1. place cookies on Your computer or device; and
      2. use and share Your cookies and the information that Your cookies contain.

What Cookies Does Foodporn Use and Why?

  1. How do We use Your cookies?
    1. Foodporn uses Your cookies to:
      1. ensure that the Foodporn Website is working effectively;
      2. help Us improve Your user experience; and
      3. provide You with marketing information or advertisements, either directly or through third parties.
  2. What types of cookies does Foodporn use?
    1. We may use any of the following types of cookies:
      1. essential cookies;
      2. performance cookies;
      3. functionality cookies;
      4. behaviourally targeted advertising cookies;
      5. compliance and security authentication cookies; and
      6. notification cookies.
    2. We set out below some details regarding each type of cookie.
  3. Essential cookies
    1. Some cookies are essential for Us to run the Foodporn Website. So, if We can't use them, We can't knock Your socks off with our Foodporn Services !
    2. For example, some essential cookies allow Us to identify You as an account holder and ensure that You can access the 'account holder only' pages.
    3. Note that, if You are an account holder and You disable these essential cookies, You may not be able to access all of the content which You are entitled to access due to Your status.
  4. Performance cookies
    1. Other cookies allow Us to:
      1. analyse how users use the Foodporn Website, so that We can customise our offering and provide a high-quality user experience; and
      2. monitor the website's performance, so that We can quickly identify and fix any issues.
    2. For example, performance cookies allow Us to:
      1. identify and track the most popular pages;
      2. identify and track which method of linking pages is most effective;
      3. determine why some pages receive error messages; and
      4. highlight articles or site services that We think will interest a particular user, based on his or her previous use of the Foodporn Website.
  5. Functionality cookies
    1. Functionality cookies allow Us to remember a particular user's preferences.
    2. For example, functionality cookies recall Your customisation preferences, Including Your :
      1. location, so that We can ensure You are accessing the version of the Foodporn Website available in Your country; and
      2. location search history, so We can tailor Your search results specifically to Your preferences.
  6. Behaviourally targeted advertising cookies
    1. Some cookies allow Us and third parties to provide a user with advertisements that may be relevant to his or her interests.
    2. For example, if You regularly search the Foodporn Website for restaurants offering Korean food, We may provide You with advertisements from Korean restaurants (as We will know what Your taste buds are after!)
  7. Compliance and security authentication
    1. Other cookies help Us to:
      1. comply with Our legal requirements;
      2. prevent fraud; and
      3. protect a user's data from unauthorised access.
    2. For example, compliance and security authentication cookies allow Us to determine if You are logged in, which means We can stop anyone else logging into Your account (without authorisation) at the same time.
  8. Notification cookies
    1. Notification cookies allow Us and third party service providers to:
      1. understand how effective Foodporn's content is;
      2. understand better the interests of Foodporn's users; and
      3. improve how the Foodporn Website works.
    2. For example, the data obtained from notification cookies may show Us that one type of content is more engaging than another, and allow Us to modify what we display in order to create a better user experience on the Foodporn Website.
  9. Further information
    1. If You would like more information about the cookies that We use, please contact Us..

How to Control and Manage Cookies

  1. General
    1. You give Us permission to place cookies on Your computer or device, and to use and share Your cookies and the information that Your cookies contain. For further information, see 'You Consent to Us using Your Cookies'.
    2. However, You can control or manage Your cookies in various ways, Including by adjusting the following:
      1. browser controls;
      2. analytics cookies settings;and
      3. flash cookies settings.
    3. We set out below some details regarding each method of controlling or managing Your cookies.
  2. Browser controls
    1. Most browsers will allow You to see what cookies You have and then:
      1. delete any of them;
      2. block cookies from all or specific websites; or
      3. manage or 'filter' cookies to allow some and block others.
    2. Note that, if You delete all of Your cookies or block particular ones, this may impact Your user experience, or stop You from using all of Foodporn's functionality. For instance, if You delete or refuse to accept Our geolocation cookie, We won't know where You are located, so We won't be able to immediately suggest food and drink establishments that are close to You (and therefore the most helpful).
    3. For more information on how to modify Your browser controls to deal with unwanted cookies, see or Cookie Central, 'The Unofficial Cookie FAQ'.
  3. Analytics cookies settings
    1. Analytics cookies record anonymised information about a user's browsing activity. Foodporn uses Google Analytics for this purpose.
    2. To find out how to opt-out of Google Analytics' cookies, see Google Analytics, 'Terms of Service'.
  4. Flash cookies settings
    1. Flash cookies (or local shared objects) are like most other browser cookies, except that they can store additional types of information, such as the place where a user's video stopped playing, or a banner advertisement stopped rotating.
    2. The Foodporn Website may use the flash cookies to store Your preferences regarding media player functionality. If You disable these cookies, You might not be able to play some video content properly.
    3. To find out how to manage Your flash cookies, see Adobe, 'Flash Player Help'.

Third Party Cookies

  1. General
    1. We allow third parties to use cookies to collect information:
      1. of the same type as We collect from users; and
      2. for the same purposes as those We adopt in collecting information from users.
    2. Third parties may be able to link the information about You that they collect through these cookies with other information about You that they collect from other sources.
    3. We do not necessarily have access to, or control over, the cookies that third parties collect and use.
  2. Social media providers
    1. If You have an account with a social media provider (such as Facebook or Twitter) or if You visit that provider's website, You may receive a cookie from them.
      1. When You next visit a website with a social plugin (such as a 'like' or 'share' button), Your browser will send information about this cookie to the social media provider.
      2. As the Foodporn Website contains social media plug ins, when You visit the site Your browser may send some information about the pre-existing cookie to the particular social media provider.
    2. Also, if You have a Facebook or Google account, You can log in to Your Foodporn account through Your Facebook or Google account. This may also result in Your browser sending information about a pre-existing cookie to Facebook or Google.
    3. Foodporn does not have any control over the information that Your browser sends to a social media provider about its pre-existing cookies.
    4. If You want to stop a social media provider receiving Your information, then You should check out that provider's terms of service, privacy policy or Cookie Policy.
  3. Advertising
    1. We allow third parties to use cookies in connection with the Foodporn Website. Some third parties will use the information they collect from those cookies to provide You with advertising.
    2. You may be able to opt out of these advertising practices. For more information about how to opt out, see:
      1. Network Advertising Initiative, 'Opt out of Interest-based Advertising';
      2. Omniture, 'Opt-out Cookies'; and
      3. Digital Advertising Alliance, 'Webchoice Browser Check'.
    3. Note that We comply with the recommended best practice for online behavioural advertising. To find out more about that standard, see Digital Advertising Alliance, 'Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising'.

Cookie Policy Changes

  1. Notification of changes
    1. Foodporn may change this Cookie Policy every now and then. We may do so at Our sole discretion.
    2. If We make material changes to this Cookie Policy, We will notify You on or before the date the new policy takes effect by either:
      1. sending You an email; or
      2. posting a notice on the Foodporn Website.
    3. By continuing to access or use the Foodporn Website and the Foodporn Services after the revised Cookie Policy takes effect, You agree that You have read and understood the revised Cookie Policy.
  2. Latest update
    1. We will always let You know the date We published the current version of this Cookie Policy.
    2. We published this one on 26 May 2020.
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