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  • We were walking around sf and wanted Italian food. The Palomino was recommended so we decided to give it a try. The artichoke crab dip was DELICIOUS t…

  • 4 stars for location and outside patio great bay bridge view. 3 for food and drinks but then they have happy hour which is good and has choices! Their…

  • I feel it's a perfect place to set in. Came with my wife on weekend and ordered for a pasta and other mock tails. Here food and service is obsoletely …


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9 Reviews on “Palomino”

9 reviews
  • Sandeep Raja

    I feel it’s a perfect place to set in. Came with my wife on weekend and ordered for a pasta and other mock tails. Here food and service is obsoletely great and I feel it’s quite expensive due to the location it has and good to see the bay bridge opp to the restaurant . A worthy visit for the time in a year.

  • RakeIciarte

    I went to Palomino during my first night in SFO. I went with a group of peers that assisted to the same MBA event as me. We arrive at 9pm but as we had a reservation, and despite the place was completely full, we had a great table with a view of the Bay Bridge. I supposed that due to the many people that were there, our service was very slow, but as we were having a great time we did not pay attention to that.The food was really good but I was waiting for a better presentation. I think that my plate was the best one of all, I ordered a pizza served on a brick-oven charred crust, mine was the Uova e Funghi with mushrooms, black truffle and a soft egg perfectly cooked It was simply perfect.As I said before, in my opinion, the service was not very efficient and was too slow, even though we left a HUGEEE tip because we were a lot.In relation to the prices The drinks are very cheap and the food is Ok. The decoration is modern and cute and the ambient is really good for a date or relax with friends on a Friday night. Everyone told me that in the Bay Area is a Must, and yes I agree. I will probably return to this restaurant on my next trip to San Francisco.

  • JC

    Brought my mom here for some lunch. Service and food was great. The view of the bridge right next to us was a nice highlight. Recommend this place!

  • Spam247365

    An interesting experience. Not quite elegant with a giant happy hour going on outside. Received attitude from the get go. Lamb was cold and the wine list mirrored that of a 7-Eleven.

  • Pablo

    Grrrreat food! Awusome service!! I shall return! Matt was great!

  • Bukko Boomeranger

    A good chain restaurant. I am averse to chain restaurants, and while Palomino isn’t exactly McDonald’s in terms of its number of outlets, it’s not a stand-alone. But you wouldn’t know it it has copies from eating at this delightful spot at the foot of the Bay Bridge. Nice hard-surfaced modern interior, professional staff, and the location is so picturesque that we’d take out-of-town visitors there on nights when it was too foggy to dine at more scenic restaurants. The bridge in the mist is SO S.F. Excellent Italianish touches on their main courses, especially the seafood. I don’t know if I’d visit the half-dozen Palominos in other cities, but this one has a special place in my memory.

  • FaithinDC

    By the Bay is a Must!. I went here while I was traveling to San Francisco for work on my last night in the air. It’s right by the bay and encompasses all of San Fran’s finest features. It’s a very yuppie, urban, fun place with great happy hour specials. I ordered a mushroom based soup and a series of sides and all of the food was really great! Great options in their wine selection, too!

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