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  • A super hip eatery right across from where we were staying in SOMA - Zero Zero, the name itself intrigued me. A little age old reunion dinner happened…

  • Not sure what all the hype is about. I found Zero Zero to be an average sports type bistro with a noisy clientele and a menu that lacked imagination. …

  • Great pizza, charcuterie, and wine selection! Space is pretty small, so make sure you either get a reservation well in advance or show up early.…


Zero Zero is open for Casual Dining. Zero Zero serves Italian and Pizza dishes. Incorrect or missing information? Make a report, or claim the restaurant if you own it!


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serves cocktailsindoor seating


9 Reviews on “Zero Zero”

9 reviews
  • Carrie S

    Great pizza, charcuterie, and wine selection! Space is pretty small, so make sure you either get a reservation well in advance or show up early.

  • Elaisha Asher

    That pizza is innovative and tasty. The salad I had was not the extreme healthy kind, but it was worth all the calories! My friend had the meatballs though and they were wonderful too. Must try the peach soda! Or the wines..

  • Felicia Braude

    Zero Zero. This swanky spot was a large restaurant with two floors. We sat at the upstairs bar to watch the bartender put together some fancy cocktails. The Margherita pizza was cooked perfectly. The cheese covered the pizza well rather than patches of mozzarella. Also the bits of char long the crust and cheese were lovely. I didnt like it as much as Tonys but this definitely ranked second. I also loved the cocktails ad the vibe and would recommend this as a cool place to dine with friends.

  • Regina Scholz

    Excellent Pizza with great crust.. Both my husband and I loved their pizza. Finally a pizza which really deserves the name. I’ve lived in Italy for more than ten years, so I’m really picky about Italian food served in the US. This pizza was outstanding!Also, a very nice place with a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Cee Pheb

    Ehhhh….. Zero zero was just okay. The wait staff was friendly which was a huge plus. The ambiance was nice as well – a little crowded, a little noisy. It felt like a happening place. The food selection was VERY limited. Seemed like everything had chili powder as an ingredient which was a little weird for an Italian restaurant. Overall it was just okay for me.

  • Pporter600

    Aptly named Zero for food and service. Drinks took 20 min. to arrive after our order, Pizza was charred, Service was horrible in general. Would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.

  • R. B.

    Excellent. 4 of us were able to SHARE 2 appetizers, a salad, 2 entrees, and a dessert for under $90! And we STILL had some food to take with us. Large portions. EXCELLENT food! A real taste of authentic Italian food. If I come back to SF, this will definitely be one of my stops!!!

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(415) 348-8800 (415) 348-8800


826 Folsom Street, CA 94107

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